first-sign-hair-clipThe World Health Organization claims that 35% of women around the world have ended up as victims to either violence from their intimate partner, or sexual violence from a non-partner. Some of the solutions include pepper spray and self-defense moves, but these tend to lose their effectiveness if the perpetrator is someone whom the victim knows, or is taken by surprise. The First Sign Hair Clip happens to be a hair clip which sports integrated security sensors, where it is meant to be a distress signal beacon as well as an evidence gathering device against the attacker.

The First Sign Hair Clip will be powered by a lithium-polymer battery, accompanied by a three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth module that ensures it is capable of detecting an impact to the head. In the event of doing so, it will then sound an alarm, while sending relevant data to a companion smartphone app. You can choose from three understated covers, where among them include Flower and Angel Wing. All collected GPS data, video and audio that are recorded via the phone’s camera and microphone will hopefully bring the perpetrator to justice. Right now, the First Sign Hair Clip is an Indiegogo project with an estimated shipping date of November 2014 if all goes well.

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