kickstarter-pledgeWe have seen our fair share of Kickstarter projects in the past, where a fair number of them happened to fall under the “Games” category such as Mighty No. 9 as well as a Japanese learning title. Well, we are pleased to bring you word that the crowdfunding platform has managed to achieve its brand new platform today, hitting the $1 billionth dollar pledged close to four years after Kickstarter, well, kicked off. Kickstarter first went live in April 2009, where a very special One Billion Dollars page was launched today in order to celebrate this particularly joyous and momentous milestone, where plenty of details as well as trivia concerning the achievement will be shared to boot.

Interestingly enough, although folks have pledged $1 billion to date, Kickstarter has managed to count $859 million in successful dollars. Kickstarter will be different from Indiegogo as should a particular project come up short, backers will be on the receiving end of refunds. 5.7 million folks made up the $1 billion in contributions, which is a pretty sizeable amount per person on average. We are talking about $175 thereabouts per person. The number of backers hail from 224 countries and territories, where all seven continents have had their fair share of backers, although the US leads the way with $663,316,496 in total contributions to date.

Here’s to the next billion!

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