xbox-music-videoThe consumption of music has definitely changed over the years. What used to be a staple on the humble TV, music videos tend to be hosted on the Internet these days, which is a no-brainer actually. After all, just about everyone and their uncle own a smartphone that is connected to a decent data plan, and accessing such music videos while you’re on the move is a common thing thanks to the easy access. Well, the folks over at Microsoft intend to offer that kind of easy discoverability to your music viewing experience, albeit it would be done on the Xbox One gaming console. From today onward, over 92,000 music videos will be introduced to Xbox Music, now how about that?

This particular development would allow you to rock out to a brand new playlist, or choose from create your very own Radio stream if you want to, depending on your favorite artist or select a random track from your collection with Xbox Music on Xbox One. Should the song itself feature a music video, you can watch it play automatically in HD format on your TV. The entire process does not require you to be a rocket scientist, all that you need to do is locate your playlist, say “Xbox Play,” and watch the videos start to appear on the screen magically. [Press Release]

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