BatteryFor a phone to be truly flexible, what it needs is more than just a display than can be bent. We’ve seen LG and Samsung attempt to create phones with slightly more obvious curves, but they are only curved to a certain extent. What companies need next is other companies that can be bent, like batteries, for example.

Well it seems that Nokia might have thought of something similar in the past, thanks to a recently discovered patent in which Nokia describes a battery design in which it can be rolled up, much like a Swiss roll.

According to the patent’s description, “As electronic devices continue to become more sophisticated, these devices provide an increasing amount of functionality and features, and additionally these devices continue to have different forms, such as dynamically flexible devices or mechanically conformable devices, for example.”

Nokia then goes on to explain how their idea might work. “The apparatus includes a single battery ribbon and vacuum packaging. The single battery ribbon comprising a first portion, a second portion, and an interconnecting portion between the first portion and the second portion.”

The Finnish company has also thought about how such a battery might see incorporation into consumer electronic devices, such as a mobile phone, portable gaming console, a laptop, and so on. Of course apart from a flexible battery, other components have to be flexible as well, although given that the battery is one of the bigger components, we guess it’s good to know that Nokia is on the right path.

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