parce-oneDo you want to do your part in going green? Well, you might want to check out the Parce One then, as this is a new kind of smart plug that is capable of measuring as well as controlling the kind of energy usage of your electronic devices. It will be Wi-Fi enabled too, of course, keeping up with the times, as it keeps track of your daily device usage habits, picking up the various nuances of when and how you make use of energy, even when you are out of the house.

We did talk about the Parce One at the end of last year, where since then it has ended up in an Indiegogo campaign. Just what kind of cost savings are we talking about here? Well, apparently it is capable of helping each household save up to 150€ ($200) per year, which would be approximately 30% all the way to 50% of an annual bill, in some cases, although for other folks who consume more energy, the percentage points might drop drastically. Apparently, it is meant to offer greater energy savings in office buildings as well as commercial plants.

You can also gain access to detailed reports on the Parce One site as to how one can further reduce one’s energy consumption.

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