microsoft logoMicrosoft has had a recent shake up in terms of their leaders, with their new CEO, Satya Nadella replacing Steve Ballmer, and Stephen Elop, Nokia’s former CEO, replacing Julie Larson-Green as head of Microsoft’s Devices and Studios division.


With this shake up, we’re sure there are many great things to come, but at the same time it also opens the door to uncertainty, such as what will Microsoft’s new leaders do in their new position? Will they be maintaining the status quo or will there be some revolutionary changes that will be made?

Well thankfully as far as the Xbox division is concerned, things will remain the same. In fact speaking at SXSW, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer reiterated Microsoft’s commitment to the Xbox platform.

Spencer was quoted as saying, “In terms of Microsoft’s commitment in the space, I know both Satya and Stephen Elop, I know them well. I’ve had explicit conversations with them about Microsoft’s commitment to Xbox — they’re extremely committed to Xbox.” In a way it is a little ironic given that earlier reports had suggested that Elop might do away with the Xbox brand had he become CEO.

He later adds, “Xbox is a really critical brand for us as a company as Microsoft; when you think about consumers, what they love about our company, Xbox is one of the most beloved brands that the company has.” So gamers who might be  worried about the change in leadership, we guess for now everything looks like business as usual. Was anyone actually worried about the Xbox brand to begin with?

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