Microsoft announced a few months ago their current CEO, Steve Ballmer, will be retiring within a year. That means the company is currently scrambling to find a new leader, and one such person that is in the running is Nokia’s former CEO, Stephen Elop. If you enjoy any of Microsoft’s Xbox-related products and services or Bing, then you might want to pray to whatever you believe in Elop doesn’t get picked as he has admitted to some big plans for both Microsoft-owned products.


According to Bloomberg, if Elop is chosen as Microsoft’s CEO, he will put more focus on the company’s Office offering, primarily making it widely available across Android and iOS devices. Elop is reportedly considering a strategy shift away from Microsoft’s Office just running on Windows PCs, and maximizing sales of Office instead of just focusing on selling Windows PC and tablets.

Bloomberg also suggests Elop would be willing to shut down or sell some of Microsoft’s businesses. One product that would be put out to pasture is the company’s search engine, Bing, while he’d considering selling Microsoft’s Xbox business.

Again, this is solely based on Bloomberg’s report and in no way reflects Microsoft’s potential plans with any of its products or the possibility of making Elop their CEO. But if he does become CEO, we’re sure many people would be keeping an eye on what he does with the company.

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