stephen-elopMany were probably wondering what would happen to Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, once Microsoft had finally acquired the company. Well according to earlier reports, some had believed that Elop might be in running to be Microsoft’s new CEO, but we all know how that ended as Microsoft had decided to go with Satya Nadella instead.

Well it turns out that Elop will soon be getting a new job at Microsoft where he will be taking control of Microsoft’s Devices and Studios division, which currently is in charge of the Xbox, the Surface tablets, and basically Microsoft’s game and entertainment studio.

This position was former held by Julie Larson-Green who took over the role from Don Mattrick last year when he left for a position at Zynga. In a memo obtained by TechCrunch, Larson-Green wrote, “I’m very proud of what we have accomplished during such a short timeframe. We launched Xbox One, Surface 2 & Pro 2, blockbuster games like Forza and Ryse, a brand new Xbox Music and Video service, PPI, and some amazing unannounced innovations just to name a few…” 

In a way it’s actually interesting that Elop got the position, considering that last year there were reports that Elop would have killed off Bing and sold the Xbox brand if he were to become Microsoft’s new CEO, so it is a little ironic that he is now in charge of one of the brands that he reportedly would have gotten rid of. Perhaps now would be a good opportunity for him to kick things into the next gear.

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