iphone_6_batteries_trayThanks to a series of leaks and rumors, photos of iPhone-related components have surfaced. Recently we saw molds that are allegedly being used for the next-gen iPhone, a front panel, and now thanks to the folks at French website, Nowhereelse.fr, additional photos have surfaced, this time that of batteries that supposedly belong to the iPhone.

While there’s no way of confirming if the photo is real and if the batteries do belong to the iPhone, their design is reminiscent of the batteries used in previous iPhones, so it is possible that these are indeed iPhone batteries. However it’s probably easy enough to fake such photos, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

However it should be noted that the design of these batteries are slightly different from its predecessors. This is namely due to the metallic section on the battery which now appears at the side, suggesting that the internals of the iPhone could have been rearranged, hinting at a new form factor which seems to be in line with the rumors.

The photos do not mention how big the batteries are in terms of capacity, but hopefully Apple has stepped up its battery size as battery life is one of the primary complaints that iPhone owners have about their phone, at least according to a research that Apple did with their customers.

It’s interesting that photos are being leaked this early in the year which would suggest that Apple is beginning to ramp up production of the next-gen iPhone (or iPhones) that would most likely see a launch in the later part of the year, assuming Apple keeps to their schedule of course. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now until we can get the official word from Apple.

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