7improveApple is generally a pretty secretive company but it seems that in the recent Apple versus Samsung legal battle in the US, all sorts of information about both companies are coming to light, giving us a glimpse behind the scenes on how companies at Apple and Samsung’s level operates.

Now Apple is typically a company that does what it wants to, despite the critics slamming some of their products. For years Apple has been criticized for sticking to its 3.5-inch display while the competition grew their displays to the massive 6-inchers that we are seeing the market today, and in a summary of a research Apple did with early iPhone 5 buyers, it was revealed what customers wanted to change about the iPhone.

Based on the list (pictured above), we guess none of it is really surprising as these are sentiments that many iPhone users share. However it seems that the number one thing that customers would change would be its battery life, which we’re sure many iOS users can agree isn’t quite as long as they would like.

The next change would be to Apple Maps, although this is based no early iPhone 5 adopters which meant that the Apple Maps was still in its early stages of adoption. Third is the demand for a bigger screen, and perhaps there is a chance that Apple will be able to fulfill those demands this year, thanks to the rumors that suggests a possible 4.7-inch iPhone later this year.

Other features that iPhone owners would change includes the Lightning port, the ability to customize their phone (beyond just changing wallpapers, we’re assuming), improving Siri’s functionality, and making the iPhone less fragile. Like we said these list of changes don’t really come as a surprise and hopefully Apple has listened to their customers and we will be seeing some changes made in iOS 8 and the iPhone 6.

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1440 mAh
    1GB RAM
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