mc-xb360So you have decided to take the plunge when it comes to next generation game consoles like the Xbox One from Microsoft and the PS4 from Sony. Those might be the new wave of gaming entertainment in your living room, but there is a stark vacuum where backwards compatibility is concerned, as making the leap to newer hardware more often than not means leaving majority of your older games and progress in them (some which might have been the result of hundreds of gaming hours) behind. Not so for Minecraft on the Xbox One, according to Phil Spencer.

Phil Spencer has tweeted that Minecraft on Xbox One will allow gamers to transfer their saves from the Xbox 360 version, which means all of your hard work and hours spent in front of the TV will not go down the drain. Spencer did not divulge any more additional details on how this particular move will eventually pan out, but he did mention that this is made possible thanks to the level of cooperation between Microsoft and Mojang, the game’s developer. Will this news help some of the gamers out there make a decision to upgrade to the next generation of consoles? Only time will be able to tell. There are plans to enable save transfers between PS3 and PS4, too, so stay tuned!

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