minecraft-35millionAccording to our earlier report, Minecraft for the PlayStation 3 is expected to make its debut on the 16th of May, but what about Sony’s other consoles, like the PlayStation 4 or the PS Vita? Well the good news is that Mojang has since come forward and announced a rough time frame in which we might be able to expect the game.


When asked when they will be releasing the game for the PS4 or the PS Vita, Mojang replied that they were aiming for a release in Q2 or Q3 2014. What this means is that we have a pretty big time frame in which we can expect the game, but hopefully this means that we can expect it to be released by September.

Given that the PS Vita has a small screen, at least compared to television sets that the PS3 and PS4 are being played on, we’re sure gamers are also worried that this could mean that the experience will be somewhat muted, or that it would be more like the Pocket Edition of the game that has been released on mobile devices.

The good news is that according to Mojang’s Owen Hill, he has described the PS Vita version of the game as being pretty close to the console version, although we guess we’ll probably have to take it for a spin ourselves in order to see how well it plays on a smaller devices. There is also another piece of good news in which it is possible that those who bought the PS3 version of the game might not have to pay for it again in order to play it on the PS4 or the PS Vita.

This is according to Hill who wrote, “We’re in the process of finalising cross-buy/upgrade/DLC things. More news soon.”

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