Life without music is not worth living at all, at here we are with more details concerning the Mi.Mu gloves that we talked about not too long ago. Sure, there are 16 days left to go with slightly more than 33% of the funds required been raised, which means that time is running out from turning this into reality. Basically, Imogen Heap, the company behind the Mi.Mu gloves for music is looking for supporters who have an interest in owning a pair of these puppies, but would just want to be part of the ‘queue’ so to speak by pledging £10 before Imogen Heap discovers how to manufacture these bad boys for a cheaper price point and in a more efficient manner, and that would take some time – maybe up to a couple of years from now.

There is also the option to pick up a limited edition signed CD of Me The Machine (that will be available only in the Deluxe Box Set, and cannot be found anywhere else, ever), which will include the video, making of documentary, instrumental version and a dozen pages of artwork that will hopefully blow your mind away. Another way to support this project would be to purchase the Streemliner (digital) version of all of that for a mere £5. Should you love to dabble in remixes yourself, how about picking up the Me The Machine stems for 50 quid? [Kickstarter Page]

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