Earlier this year we reported on a particular device called the Novena. For those who might have missed our coverage or who are learning about this for the first time, the Novena is an open laptop concept. As we’re sure many of you guys know, laptops are pretty hard to customize, not to mention pretty expensive to customize as well.

This is unlike desktops where users are pretty much free to swap out whatever parts they need or don’t need. That being said it seems that the creators of the Novena laptop, Bunnie Huang and Sean Cross, have decided to crowdfund the project.

The project has been launched on Crowd Supply and at this time of posting, has managed to receive a little over $95,000 of its goals of $250,000, and with 45 days to go, there is a good chance that the project will receive the funding it needs. As the laptop’s openness would suggest, the device allows itself to be open up to both hardware and software and will be able to run the majority of software applications out there in the market today.

There will be different designs available depending on the level of the builder, ranging from the basic board design priced at $500, and up to $5,000 for those who want the heirloom laptop which is basically the entire thing that has been built for the user already and packed in a wooden and aluminum case.

The Novena open laptop is definite not designed for the average user in mind and if you’d like to learn more and maybe even purchase one for yourself, hit up its Crowd Supply page for the details.

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