techfreer head-fiWhile the iPhone’s sound quality isn’t too bad, we’re sure that there are users out there who have high-end headphones that would benefit from an amplifier, especially since the iPhone might not necessarily have enough juice to power such headphones.

There are external amplifiers available and we’ve seen companies like V-MODA launch headphone amplifier cases but if you were looking for something else that might suit your needs, you might be interested in a Kickstarter project for the TechFreeR Head-Fi device.

Similar to V-MODA’s offering, the TechFreeR Head-Fi is a case for the iPhone that pulls triple duty. Yup, you read that right, not only does it act as a bumper case for the iPhone, a headphone amplifier, but also acts as a 3,600mAh external battery pack so that you will be able to charge your iPhone on the go. With a 3,600mAh battery, users should be able to charge their phones almost twice.

As for the amp itself, the audio signals are fed into an AP918 audio processor which is then connected to a I2s to a PCM1798 audio DAC. The chip is made by Texas Instruments and will support 96kHz sampling rates at a resolution of 24 bits which should satisfy most audiophiles. On the output end, another Texas Instruments’ made chip, the TPA6130 will be able to deliver 130mW of audio into headphones.

Like we said the TechFreeR Head-Fi is a Kickstarter project and if you’d like to learn more or pledge your donation, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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