trinityFans of the Matrix films would definitely love Trinity in all of her leather clad beauty, being graceful in her kung-fu moves that include the bullet time crane kick. Well, this Trinity that we are dealing with here has nothing to do with being in a virtual world, fighting against machines, but rather, it intends to deliver green energy to the masses. Known as the Trinity portable wind turbine, this unique propeller will harness the breeze around in order to gather juice into its battery.

Charging your devices with the Trinity portable wind turbine can be done via USB connectivity, where it is the brainchild of American electricians Einar Agustsson and Agust Agustsson. The Trinity portable wind turbine can be folded into a 12” cylinder whenever you need to tote it around, and when it is unfolded, the blades will work to catch whatever breeze comes its way, charging up the station to boot. Surely at first glance, the Trinity does not look anything like your standard wind turbine, but hey – if it works, why not?

According to the inventors, a fully-charged turbine will hold enough juice within to power up your smartphone anywhere from four to six times. Of course, if there isn’t enough wind and you need to carry a portable power source around, just plug it into a wall output and you’re good to go. Right now, the Trinity portable wind turbine remains as a Kickstarter project that needs your contribution to become a reality.

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