Altaeros Energies 35ft PrototypeWe have seen the humble beginnings of Altaeros Energies’ Airborne Wind Turbine system slightly more than a couple of years ago, and here we are with more news concerning the effort. It does resemble a jet engine of sorts at first glance, where this floating turbine as well as the rest of its “comrades” could make their way to every single corner of the earth, where it will then offer the modern day amenities of electricity as well as Internet connectivity to folks who live off the grid. Hmmm, sounds familiar, although I am not quite sure whether folks living in the interiors would prefer a Facebook account over the more basic necessities of life.


The Altaeros Wind Turbine system can be thought up of as wind farms of the future, where they have been specially designed so that they can take advantage of the powerful prevailing winds which happen to blow with gusto 2,000 feet above where we normally are. Once these Wind Turbines have been inflated (I would not recommend using your lungs alone to achieve this) and deployed, they are touted to be able to generate double the output of a ground-based turbine. In order to make sure that the turbines remain where they are supposed to be, they have been anchored, allowing it to send all harnessed energy ground-ward, too.

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