gnipIt does seem as though acquiring another company is the “in thing” these days, and Twitter continues with that trend by purchasing Gnip. It is said that Twitter users share and discuss their interests every single day without fail, talking about the happenings around the world. Such public tweets are able to reveal a wide range of insights, allowing the likes of academic institutions, journalists, marketers, brands, politicians and developers to make use of aggregated Twitter data in order to figure out trends, analyze sentiment, find breaking news, and connect with customers, among others.


In order to make such data all the more accessible, it would involve working directly with one’s customers while getting a better grasp of their needs. The purchase of Gnip is essential in achieving such a vision, where Gnip happens to be a leading provider of social data and a long-standing Twitter data partner. Seeing how Twitter has grown into a platform which delivers over 500 million Tweets every single day, Gnip has done its bit in collecting and digesting public data, while delivering the most essential Tweets to partners.

This acquisition could lead to even more sophisticated data sets and better data enrichments down the road, driving innovation that makes use of the unique content that is shared on Twitter. It remains to be seen just how much Twitter forked out for Gnip though. [Press Release]

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