Gone are the days when people used to transfer content between mobile devices through Infrared. We’ve moved on to better and exponentially faster technologies like Wi-Fi and NFC. No one does data transmission over IR these days because its notoriously slow and also requires a line of sight. Its still good for changing channels on the TV though. While some high-end devices do come with one-way IR blasters, most do not. There is a way to add one to your smartphone.

Jeeqi, a startup based in China, has developed an accessory called HiRemote. Its a plug-in device which can be inserted in the smartphone’s 3.5mm headset jack. HiRemote is a full fledged IR blaster which can be used to control compatible devices like TVs, cameras and more through a companion application.

Its a great aftermarket solution for smartphones, particularly for those people who have a tendency to lose remote controls. To be honest we really do take a lot of care of our smartphones as opposed to the remote for the TV. So even if you end up losing it HiRemote will have you covered.

The startup launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ponzible, a site that’s poised to become the Kickstarter of Asia-Pacific. Its target goal of CNY2,000 or US$320 has been achieved, total funds generated as of this writing are CNY18,357 or nearly US$3,000. Its a minimum CNY39 or US$10 pledge to get a HiRemote in black or white. While shipping in China is free there’s a $39 international shipping charge at the very least.

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