Do you find it difficult to stop checking out your smartphone all too frequently? Does being disconnected from the virtual world make you break out in cold sweat? How about realizing that you have not checked on your WhatsApp for a good 5 hours, and you’re feeling extremely paranoid for not “keeping in touch”? Perhaps it is time that we see ourselves for who we truly are – addicted to a particular mobile network and need some weaning off from it. Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga might have just the cure for you with the new Focus: Life Gear by Trident.

This range of clothes will include the likes of jackets, shirts and pants that are made out of material which are capable of blocking radio waves from reaching your smartphone. Any kind of signals that are sent from your smartphone will bounce off the clothes, and this means you might as well leave your handset turned off while it is in your pocket. Of course, these are definitely not the most fashionable of items that you would wear, and frankly, they have yet to hit store shelves. Still, it is a theory that is worth exploring, and who knows, with better, more “normal” design, they might actually take off in a big way.

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