smartwatch patent samsungWe have heard the rumors that Samsung could be gearing up to launch a standalone smartwatch this summer. By creating a standalone smartwatch, it means that wearers will not have to worry about smartphone compatibility, which is one of the disadvantages of Samsung’s smartwatch lineup at the moment.

We’re sure many of you guys are curious as to what Samsung’s new smartwatch could look like, and thanks to a patent filing by Samsung, the image above is what we could expect. As you can see from the diagram, it shows off a Samsung smartwatch that has been designed to look like a normal watch, which is what Motorola was going for with the Moto 360.

The patents also describes how the watch will be interacted with, such as with gestures, but not on the watch itself, but either hovering over it or in front of it, which means that there will be a camera that will need to keep an eye out for gestures in order to activate certain features/functions on the device.

However we should note that the patent also talks about the device pairing the device via a smartphone or a tablet in order to get connectivity. We’re not sure if this means that this device is either unrelated to the standalone smartwatch that has been rumored and could be an entirely separate device, or if the previous rumors were wrong and that Samsung will continue to rely on smartphone/tablet pairing for connectivity, but what do you guys think?

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