Cycling around can be quite the healthy activity, not to mention as you cut down on your carbon footprint, but it also carries the risks of serious injury or death in an accident as opposed to you being in a car that at the very least, offers you some level of protection. Still, if one is careful, risks are minimized, and why not throw in a gadget or two that might help save your life? This is where the Skylock smart bike lock comes in handy.


Hailing from the research center of Velo Labs, the new Skylock is a security system that will compare its own motion sensor data with the one on your smartphone in order to figure out whether you have been involved in an accident or not. Assuming you have taken a tumble and did not respond within a set time frame, Skylock will go ahead to alert emergency services so that adequate help can arrive, and hopefully in the nick of time.

Apart from that, Skylock will also be able to tell if someone is trying to tamper with your bike, and even better is the fact that it sports a solar panel which ought to offer you a week’s worth of juice from a single hour of direct sunlight, perfect for those who hate recharging devices. Skylock, being a crowdfunding project with an estimated early 2015 launch, requires a $159 pledge if you want to snag one.

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