twitter-emergencyLearning about technology will require the student have access to technology, but unfortunately due to circumstances, there are those out there who are too poor to afford a computer to practice on. Well, looking to do some good for the community, Twitter has recently announced that they will be setting up a technology learning center for the homeless.

Dubbed the Twitter Neighborhood Nest, it will target those who are in San Francisco and will also see Twitter partner with the Compass Family Services, and also donate $1 million over the course of the next few years. So far they have managed to donate 81 computers where tech support will be provided by Compass.

As far as education is concerned, Twitter employees will be contributing to the project on their free time and will teach students basic computer skills as well as to seek jobs online. While it does seem like Twitter is giving back to the community, the San Francisco Chronicle noted that it might not be as altruistic as it sounds.

In exchange for convincing Twitter to stay, the city of San Francisco has reportedly waived payroll taxes that could amount to $50 million or more. However at the same time Twitter was expected to contribute to the city’s poorest neighborhoods, so we guess by teaching the homeless basic computer skills, it will allow them a better chance at landing a job, even if it is an entry-level position.

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