ios8 weatherAs it stands, Apple uses Yahoo to pull weather that is displayed on the iPhone. It’s not really something many people might notice, but we reckon the partnership with Apple is one that Yahoo probably welcomes. However it looks like with iOS 8, Apple has decided to cut Yahoo out from its weather app.

Instead, Apple will be choosing to pull weather data directly from The Weather Channel, where they will act as the source. We should point out that Yahoo does the same, as in their data is pulled from The Weather Channel as well, which is then shared via Apple’s Weather app, but we guess Apple has decided to cut out the middle man.

It is unclear as to why Apple will be dropping Yahoo as its provider of weather information. It could be because they’d rather not rely on other company’s services when they can go straight to their source. This also seems to be in line with Apple’s plans on streamlining their supply chain, where they’d rather acquire the company that makes their components since it would offer them a greater degree of control.

This is an interesting move by Apple, especially since last year there were talks about how Apple and Yahoo’s partnership would deepen. In fact a couple of months ago, Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, felt that Yahoo should be Apple’s default search engine, not Google.

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