iphone6-leak-3When it comes to the manufacturing of the components needed for Apple’s iPhone, there are many companies involved. There are companies involved in creating the processors, the RAM, the camera, the casing, the display, and so on. Now according to a report from a couple of months ago, it was revealed that Catcher Technology would be the company responsible for manufacturing the iPhone 6’s metal body.

However according to a report from China’s Economic Daily News (via DigiTimes), it has been rumored that Apple has rejected Catcher’s iPhone chassis, instead choosing to place short-term orders with their other partners, such as Jabil and Foxconn. Apparently this is due to manufacturing defects that connect the plastic and metal parts in the case which were allegedly caused by the anodizing process used by Catcher.

Apparently to sort this issue out, it could take Catcher anywhere between 2-3 months, meaning that Apple will need to turn to other manufacturers for the time-being if they are hoping to get the iPhone 6 ready in time. Previously it was rumored that Apple would be kicking off production of the iPhone 6 in July.

Both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models are expected to be produced at the same time, suggesting that there might not be a delay in the 5.5-inch model’s release, as earlier rumors have suggested. Both Foxconn and Pegatron have also been tasked to help assemble the final product. In any case hopefully these defects and switching of manufacturers won’t cause any unnecessary delays.

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