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LG G3 Versus Samsung Galaxy S5 In Camera Shootout

Cameras on our phones grew from being a novelty from back in the day, to something that is absolutely essential. In fact smartphone OEMs have taken steps and are still taking steps to continuously improve upon the cameras within smartphones. That being said with phones like the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, which of the two South Korean tech giants will fare better in a camera shootout?

Well that’s what the folks at SuperHDView on YouTube have attempted to find out. They have taken both phones and have attempted to take similar photos on both devices. In fact they have uploaded the recording of their attempts which is shot in 4K resolution, so if you have a 4K monitor then perhaps this is something you can truly appreciate.

In any case the photos taken cover a range of photography styles, such as macro-ish photos, landscape, food, animals, and so on. For those most part, both phones appear to be just as capable as the other in terms of snapping photos, although in some instances the LG G3 did have a blue tinge on their photos, presumably from the AWB settings which hopefully can be corrected easily.

So if you’re wondering which of the two phones will snap a better photo, check out the video to see the comparison! For those who have seen it, what do you guys think? Which phone did you think fared better in the photography department?

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