microkiaWhen Nokia officially sold themselves to Microsoft, we knew that Microsoft would eventually drop the Nokia branding from future products. After all wouldn’t it be nicer to call them Microsoft products to avoid confusion, as well as to help draw more attention to Microsoft themselves? However in the meantime, the Nokia brand will be used, but what about the future?

Well according to @evleaks, he has posted some pretty detailed slides that apparently show off Microsoft’s plans for the future, which will no longer involve the Nokia brand. However as the slides note, this will only take place when Microsoft launches a new product into the market, meaning that current Nokia handsets will not be affected and will continue to be known as Nokia devices.

According to the FAQ, it also reveals that Microsoft will be able to continue using the Nokia Lumia brand for marketing purposes for the next 18 months, and 10 years for other mobile devices. The FAQ also states that the Lumia and Asha brands will continue to remain for now and as per the deal, will be transferred over to Microsoft where support will continue to be provided, although they did not mention for how long.

We guess all of this hardly comes as a surprise because like we said earlier, we expect Microsoft will eventually want to rebrand Nokia devices to Microsoft devices, so the leaks that @evleaks posted share pretty detailed information about how and when that will happen. Will you guys miss the Nokia brand once Microsoft has officially made the transition?

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