Modern technology has enabled us to share the things we find interesting with the people we want to in a matter of seconds. But what if you want to share an aroma? You can take a picture of that beautiful cup of coffee all you want but the aroma isn’t going to carry through. The oPhone aims to change that. Described as a kind of telephone for aromas, the oPhone brings scent texting to mobile messaging, working alongside its companion mobile app.


Just to be clear, its not a phone. Its a device that’s capable of diffusing over 300,000 unique aromas through inexpensive circular cartridges called oChips. 8 oChips fit inside the device and each contains 4 aromas, lasting for hundreds of uses. They can be swapped out and replaced quite easily.

The companion app is available for the iPhone. So for example if you want to share the aroma of that cup of coffee take a picture through the app and then break down the aroma into notes. The app will present options and you choose the ones that fit it best. Then simply send the image.

Once the receiver gets the image they can play it and that’s when the oPhone recreates that aroma. Users can create over 300,000 aroma combinations through the options in the app so there will probably be something for everyone.

The team behind the oPhone is seeking funds through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. During the campaign the device is offered for $149 as opposed to the commercial price of $199. Delivery is expected in April 2015.

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