bmw-wireless-inductionWhile gas-powered vehicles still command majority of the vehicle sales figures out here, this does not mean the idea of electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrids are not going to mount a fight. However, charging stations are still few and far in between, and in countries that are still developing, there might not be enough resources diverted by the governments of the day to get the proper infrastructure up and running. Not only that, there is also the hassle of plugging in your electric car the night before. BMW intends to change all that by working on a new generation of wireless inductive charger technology which will require you to just park on the designated area and press a button – that’s all.

BMW has cast an eye on the premium market electric car market to play a huge role down the road where automobiles are concerned, as they have already introduced the fully electric i3 and i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. Both of these models happen to be specially designed to be able to charge up quickly thanks to the BMW i Wallbox, and that is not good enough for the German auto manufacturer who want to introduce an induction charging system so that electric vehicles will be an even more attractive alternative to the masses.

Do you think that BMW will succeed in their dream?

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