BMW i3 and i8BMW has just announced its entry in the electric car market with two impressive looking models – the i3 and the i8. Even though the cars are spec’d differently for different markets, one thing the cars have in common is that they’re both great for the environment. The i3 will be an all-electric small city car, while the i8 will be a powerful hybrid sports car featuring an electric motor with a three-cylinder combustion engine.

Both cars have been constructed with light-weight aluminum structures and bodies made from carbon fiber. Being lightweight means that the cars will be able to run on smaller batteries without sacrificing efficiency. The i3 is said to be able to travel for up to 95 miles on a single charge whereas the i8 will be able to only go 21 miles using only its electric engine (it is a high-performance sports car after all). No word on pricing but the i3 should hit the streets in 2013 and the i8 in 2014.

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