kudosoKids tend to spend plenty of time staring at a screen these days, regardless of whether it is a mobile device that we are talking about, or perhaps a TV or computer monitor. Of course, taking a 180-degree turn and ending up as a Luddite is also not an option, but balance is the keyword here. Perhaps the Kudoso router might prove to be worth a shot, as this router, the brainchild of Rob Irizarry, intends to manage your child’s Internet access with an amalgamation of both software and custom hardware.

You can install a software application on a compatible Internet router, or opt to pick up the package that has a router with the software installed beforehand, letting you get started right out of the box. Either way, it works this way – parental control technologies let you limit your child’s access to websites and online services such as Facebook and Twitter, but it does not stop there. Your children will have to “work” just to go online.

For instance, you attach certain minutes to selected chores – perhaps cleaning up after dinner and washing the dishes would result in 15 minutes of Facebook time, while something easier like taking out the trash might net your child just 5 minutes of online time. This sounds like a Kickstarter project that is just begging to see its funding goal achieved!

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