rocketskatesGoing green is a lifestyle concept, an idea that is worth exploring if you would like to leave some space left for your descendants to live long after you’re gone – cremated or buried, it does not matter. The lifestyle choices that you make will definitely contribute to the carbon footprint that you’re leaving behind, and that includes transportation. Cycling might be a good form of exercise and method of getting around, but how about checking out this pair of highly modified skates known as the Rocketskates?


The Rocketskates will feature onboard motors that allow you to move around quickly, and I suppose you can call these Heelys’ on steroids. The Rocketskates happen to be a pair of electric-powered motorized roller skates, where each one that you slip your foot on to will boast of a 50W DC hub motor with its very own integrated microprocessor. A small lithium-ion battery pack will keep it going, and they will both send signals to and receive signals from one another in order to maintain a proper speed – lest you get sent to a painful introduction to the nearby lamp post or obstacle.

Wearing the Rocketskates is a snap – just strap it over your regular pair of shoes and you’re good to go. Controlling it requires a slight learning curve, where you move your feet and tilt forward to accelerate, while tilting backwards will engage the built-in brakes. With a top speed of 12MPH, the Rocketskates are right now a Kickstarter project that will ship Stateside this October before the rest of the world gets them a month after that, should it raise the necessary funds.

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