The Cyanogen team is behind the most popular custom ROMs developed for Android smartphones and tablets. The team also develops software for the OnePlus One smartphone. Its safe to say that they have made quite a name for itself, but have they grown enough to appear on some behemoth’s radar? According to The Information, Microsoft is one of the big companies that is trying to acquire Cyanogen.

The scribe claims that apart from Microsoft, companies like Amazon, Yahoo and even Samsung are interested in purchasing Cyanogen, a company that’s looking to raise a Series C funding round. Microsoft is reportedly in talks with the company.

It is said that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella actually had a sit down with the Cyanogen team, while the above mentioned companies are also keeping an eye on Cyanogen to see if they can ink any sort of partnership or consider it as a viable acquisition target.

One might ask why Microsoft might be interested in a company that makes Android software, the company has already killed Nokia’s Android ambitions after it took over the devices and services business. The fact remains that Microsoft may only be interested in the talent at Cyanogen instead of their Android based software products.

It is too soon to say if a deal is going to take place between any of these companies and Cyanogen, but we’ll certainly keep our eye on any future developments.

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