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CyanogenMod Will Live On As LineageOS
Despite boasting that they would have zero dependency on Google’s services in 2-3 years and forming some pretty interesting partnerships with smartphone makers, unfortunately last week the folks at Cyanogen Inc. announced that they would be shutting their services down and halting support for nightlies.

Cyanogen’s Services Will Be Shutting Down
After a lot of talk about wanting to take Android away from Google, it seems rather ironic that Cyanogen will be the first one to go. In an announcement on the Cyanogen Inc.’s website, it seems that the company will be shutting down its services for good by the end of 2016, the 31st of December.

Cyanogen Inc. Might Not Be Involved With CyanogenMod 14’s Development
A couple of months ago, it was reported that Cyanogen Inc. was undergoing layoffs and that they would be focusing their efforts on apps instead of development on CyanogenMod/Cyanogen OS. The company’s co-founder Steve Kondik quickly refuted those claims, saying that CyanogenMod will not be going anywhere.

Steve Kondik Reassures That CyanogenMod Is Not Going Anywhere
The other day it was reported that according to the rumors, Cyanogen Inc. was undergoing some massive layoffs. It should be noted that Cyanogen Inc. and the work it does for OEMs is separate from CyanogenMod which is largely supported by the Android community, but it seems that there might have been some confusion over the differences of both companies.


Cyanogen Reportedly Undergoing Layoffs, Might Focus On Apps Instead
Way back in the day, CyanogenMod was (and probably still is) one of the most prominent Android ROMs available, especially back when OEMs used to love applying heavy themes and skins to their phones, and CyanogenMod represented a cleaner and faster user interface. It went on to do so well that a company, Cyanogen Inc. was formed.

Cyanogen Announces New MOD Platform
Back in the day CyanogenMod was a single entity with the goal of releasing custom ROMs for Android devices. However as expected, the group evolved to Cyanogen Inc. which releases platforms for OEMs, while CyanogenMod still remains a community-driven project. That being said, the folks at Cyanogen have announced a new platform called MOD.

Nextbit Robin To Get Its Own CyanogenMod ROM
For those who don’t know about the Nextbit Robin, this is a phone which focuses primarily on cloud storage. While the phone does come with 32GB of onboard storage, there is an additional 100GB of cloud storage in which your photos, apps, settings, and etc. are all stored there so that accessing it from anywhere will be a cinch.

Cyanogen OS Apps Made Available To Cyanogenmod Users
We know that there might be some confusion between the different versions of Cyanogen. We have Cyanogen OS and we have Cyanogenmod. For those who are confused, the former is basically the commercial version that is shipped out users and comes preinstalled on handsets, like it was with the OnePlus One.Cyanogenmod on the other hand is the version that is made available to everyone else who is looking for a […]

Cyanogen Foresees Zero Google Dependency In 2-3 Years
The folks at Cyanogen Inc. have been actively trying to replace Google’s apps and services on its platform with alternatives. We’ve already seen them replace the default mail client, default calendar, and recently it was revealed that they were planning on teaming up with Microsoft to deeply integrate Cortana, ultimately replacing Google Now as the default voice assistant.In an interview with the International Business Times, Cyanogen’s CEO Kirt McMaster revealed […]

Britain's WileyFox Launches Two New Cyanogen OS Smartphones
In China there is OnePlus. The company is relatively new but they have been making waves, thanks to its initial efforts of the OnePlus One that came with Cyanogen OS preinstalled. While the partnership has since ended, the company still has a lot of popularity as evidenced with the number of people signing up for the OnePlus 2.That being said, over in the UK a new company by the name […]

ZUK Z1 Will Come Preloaded With Cyanogen OS 12.1
The folks at Cyanogen have come a long way from being a mere Android ROM. These days the  company has started to partner up with various OEMs to preload Cyanogen OS on their devices, as we have seen in the past with OnePlus and Yu in India. Recently the company has announced a new partnership with ZUK.For those unfamiliar with ZUK, they are a company that makes smartphones and have […]

Cyanogen Has More Users Than Windows Mobile And BlackBerry Combined
It is no secret that despite being built on Android, Cyanogen wants to take Google out of the equation. Will that be possible? We reckon that will be a rather daunting task but it seems that the company is not fazed by it. In fact according to a recent post by Cyanogen on Instagram, it has been revealed that they have over 50 million users at the moment.So much so […]

Cyanogen Replaces Google Calendar With Boxer As Default App
It is no secret that the folks at Cyanogen Inc. want to distance themselves from Google as much as possible, despite the irony that its Cyanogen OS is based on Google’s Android operating system. In their latest move to “take Android away” from Google, the company has announced that they will be replacing the default calendar app in Cyanogen OS.As it stands, the default app is Google’s calendar app which […]

Cyanogen Works On Android Substitute, Hires Senior Engineers
Cyanogen is looking to continue developing a substitute for Android, and it has taken the step of hiring not one, but another two senior engineers to help them out in this particular effort. One of the engineers would hail from Amazon, while the other is from Qualcomm. The first would be the former Amazon VP Stephen Lawler, who has also racked up 15 years at Microsoft, and will now wear […]

Alcatel And Cyanogen Inc. Call It Quits On The Hero 2+ Smartphone
If you were looking forward to another smartphone launching with the Cyanogen ROM preinstalled on it, you might have been excited about Alcatel and Cyanogen’s partnership from earlier this year which saw the Hero 2+ smartphone announced. However it looks like despite the excitement and promise surrounding the handset, both companies have decided to pull the plug.According to a statement released by both companies, “Alcatel OneTouch and Cyanogen, Inc. have […]

Cyanogen Brings Social Gaming To Emerging Markets With Playphone
It is no secret that Cyanogen wants to take as much of Android away from Google as possible, and in their latest move the company has announced that they will be partnering with Playphone to help bring social gaming to emerging markets. For those unfamiliar, Playphone is a mobile gaming social network and an app store all bundled into one.The company’s service will be installed on phones running on Cyanogen […]

Cyanogen’s Next Partnership Phone Is The Andromax Q From Indonesia
While Cyanogen is available for download on Android devices around the world, as far as being preinstalled officially is concerned, the company has yet to partner up with any brand from the US. It has, however, been making partnerships with companies around the world. They had partnered up with OnePlus before the relationship fizzled and they moved on to Micromax in India.Now it looks like the company’s next partner is […]

OnePlus One Touchscreen Fix Leads To Battery Drain
A couple of weeks ago we reported that there was an issue with the OnePlus One’s touchscreen display. OnePlus then made a statement claiming that they would be working with Synaptics, the company behind the handset’s touchscreen technology, to come up with a fix for the problem.The good news is that they did and the fix appeared to work according to users who downloaded the CM12.1 nightly that was released […]

OnePlus One India Users To Keep Receiving Cyanogen OTA Updates
Well, this news is surely going to make OnePlus One owners in India rejoice. They now have an option to receive updates from the Cyanogen OS, if they still have it installed.

Cyanogen And Truecaller Come Together For Built-in Caller ID Integration
Nothing bugs us more than unknown numbers, and that’s why most of us use third-party caller ID apps, and TrueCaller has been a pioneer in the very segment of apps. In an announcement today, Cyanogen Inc and Truecaller have formed a partnership, the two companies have teamed up to bring the built-in caller ID functionality to Cyanogen powered smartphones. The partnership has made way for a new dialer app for […]