twitter-promoted-videoIt was not too long ago that a new Twitter Video Card started to be tested, where it will help streamline video playback as well as deliver a one-tap viewing experience for Twitter users’ timelines – at least for those who are not bots, that is. These tests are that have displayed tweets that carry native Twitter video are said to result in a better level of engagement, not to mention additional video views than in the past.

The road to success is always a lengthy one, and there is no such thing as shortcuts in life. Having said that, it has taken months of experiments as well as feedback from users and brands, to finally end up with a beta test of Promoted Video on Twitter. What does Promoted Video do? Well, they will build upon the Twitter Amplify program, which will be accompanied by a new set of video tools that target high-quality content producers.

Promoted Video makes it a snap for brands to upload and distribute video on Twitter, as well as to help them keep track on details such as the overall reach and effectiveness of this content. Advertisers are now able to run ads with a new Cost Per View (CPV) ad buying model, which basically translates to paying only when a user begins to play the video. What do you think of the presence of video making an impact on Twitter?

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