sad tweetsWe’re sure there’s a point when you tweeted something you thought was hilarious or meaningful, only to have it “fail” in the sense that there are no favorites or retweets about what you just said. It’s hard to explain but that’s just the way life is. However if you’ve wondered just how many of your tweets have been failures, a website called Sad Tweets will tell you that.

Basically all you’d have to do is log into the website using your Twitter credentials. From there, Sad Tweets will go through your tweets and pull up those that either do not have any favorites or retweets. In fact to make things worse, it will also show you just how long your tweet has sat there without making any impact whatsoever.

We’re not sure what the point of the website is, but perhaps it can be used by companies who use social media to share news and upcoming product announcements with their customers. For example if they’re wondering why none of their tweets are biting, they can perhaps try to analyze it themselves and change the way, the time, or the method in which they tweet.

In any case if you have a few minutes to spare and just want to see how illustrious your Twitter career has been, head on over to the Sad Tweets’ website for the details!

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