iphone 6 3d printWhile photos, videos, games, and websites look great on smartphones with large displays, these large displays can be something of a double-edged sword where its largeness would mean that it is hard to use with one hand. Unless you have really long thumbs, trying to tap out messages with one hand can be a bit of a stretch.

This is why OEMs such as Samsung have included one-handed features in some of their larger devices. According to recent rumors, it seems that Apple could be borrowing such a feature from Samsung for the iPhone 6. In an article detailing the iWatch, The New York Times claims that for the 5.5-inch iPhone, there could be a feature that will allow users to use apps with just one hand.

This is apparently according to two Apple employees who claims that there will be a one-handed mode that can be turned on and off. This mode will allow users to type and use apps with just one hand, which also means that there will have to be some changes made to the design of the iPhone’s software interface.

While Samsung’s one-handed mode is useful, it is hardly very pleasing to the eye which is something Apple is very particular about. Of course none of this can be confirmed yet but what do you guys think? Could Apple include a one-handed mode with the larger iPhone 6, and more importantly is this something you would want?

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