Image credit - iFixit

Image credit – iFixit

There are all kinds of things we take into consideration when choosing a new smartphone. Specs are of course important, along with its operating system, and the accompanying ecosystem. However there are also other things to factor in, such as repairability because sometimes you don’t want to have to end up spending a fortune to get a phone fixed.

This might be important to those who plan on keeping their phones around for a few years. That being said, the folks at iFixit have recently published a list of the most and least repairable phones that they’ve encountered in 2016, and sitting at the top of that list is none other than the modular LG G5.

The phone has scored an impressive 8 out of 10 in repairability, and no surprises as iFixit points to its modularity as being the reason it is so repairable. Coming in tied at second would be the Google Pixel phones and Apple’s iPhone 7, both of which scored a 7 out of 10. As for the least repairable, iFixit has given that “honor” to the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge as it scored a 3 out of 10.

iFixit claims that while its components are modular which makes replacing them easy, the fact of the matter is that the whole phone seems to be held together with glue, and with its glass chassis, taking it apart is extremely tricky. That being said the fact that it isn’t as repairable doesn’t diminish its capabilities, but it’s something to consider if you do plan on getting it, or any of these phones for that matter.

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Key SpecsLG G5iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7Google PixelGalaxy S7 EdgeGalaxy S7
Announced On2016/02/012016/09/012016/09/012016/10/012016/02/212016/02/21
Display Diagonal5.3" (13.46 cm)5.5" (13.97 cm)4.7" (11.94 cm)5" (12.70 cm)5.5" (13.97 cm)5.1" (12.95 cm)
Processor/Soc NameSnapdragon 820A10 FusionA10MSM8996 Snapdragon 821Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890Snapdragon 820/ Exynos 8
Street Price (Approx)~ $545
Search low LG G5 price (Amazon)
~ $635
Search low iPhone 7 Plus price (Amazon)
~ $545
Search low iPhone 7 price (Amazon)
~ $480
Search low Google Pixel price (Amazon)
~ $560
Search low Galaxy S7 Edge price (Amazon)
~ $430
Search low Galaxy S7 price (Amazon)
Max. Total Storage Capacity232 GB256 GB256 GB128 GB264 GB328 GB
Megapixels16 Megapixel12 Megapixel12 Megapixel12 Megapixel12 Megapixel12 Megapixel
Battery Capacity (mAh)2800 mAh2900 mAh1960 mAh2770 mAh3600 mAh3000 mAh
Complete product dataLG G5 Full specs and detailsApple iPhone 7 Plus Full specs and detailsApple iPhone 7 Full specs and detailsGoogle Pixel Full specs and detailsSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge Full specs and detailsSamsung Galaxy S7 Full specs and details
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