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Google's Pixel 5 XL First Prototype Render Shows Something Unique
We are almost 9 months away for the big reveal of the upcoming Google Pixel – but we already have a leaked image of a prototype render for the Pixel 5 XL.Front Page Tech hosted by Jon Prosser shared one of the three prototype design renders for the Pixel 5 XL.To come up with a design, Google usually makes several prototype renders and then selects on one of them. Here, […]

Automatic Call Screening Is Now Available On All Pixel Devices
Unlike in the past when Google used to sell Nexus branded handsets, these days, Google’s Pixel devices tend to launch with features that are exclusive to the current handset. However, to Google’s credit, the company does eventually port some of those features over to its older devices.

Pocophone F1 Beats Google’s Original Pixel On DxOMark
Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1 was one of the dark horses of 2018, where the somewhat unassuming handset proved to be a huge winner in terms of value for money and features when it comes to Android smartphones. Now it seems that it has sort of proven itself yet again where based on DxOMark’s review of the handset (via 9to5Google), they have given it a score of 91 which effectively puts it […]

Entry-Level Google Pixel With Android Go Rumored As Well
Google has launched two iterations of its Pixel smartphones and both have been aimed at the premium segment of the market. If recent reports are to be believed, the company is going to complete the Pixel smartphone lineup this year with new models. A report last week claimed that there’s going to be a mid-range Pixel smartphone later this year and now a new rumor out of China claims that […]


Google Shipped 3.9 Million Pixel Units Last Year
Google still has a long way to go before its Pixel smartphones can hit figures that high-end smartphones from the likes of Samsung always do but it’s seeing good progress. Latest data from market tracker IDC reveals that the company shipped 3.9 million units of Pixel smartphones in 2017. It registered a nice surge in sales over the previous year even though the total number of shipments is far below […]

Google May Release Always On Display Mode For Pixel Phones
Even though the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have OLED displays, the company decided not to offer an ambient display mode with these handsets. Perhaps you’re familiar with the Always On Display on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8. It’s essentially the same thing. It boggles the mind why Google wouldn’t enable this feature right out of the gate but it appears that the company is working on this […]

Android O For Google Pixel Rumored For Early August
It is widely (and correctly) assumed that Google’s Pixel handsets will be getting the update to the latest version of Android, which is Android O. However the question is when will the phones receive the update? Many are speculating towards the later part of the year, but it seems that it could be slightly earlier.

T-Mobile Will Pay Off Your Google Pixel If You Switch From Verizon
T-Mobile has a habit of trying to steal its competitor’s customers by launching promotions that entice them to switch to Magenta. The latest is aimed at Verizon customers, particularly those who own a Google Pixel or Pixel XL. That’s because Verizon is the exclusive carrier partner for the Pixel and Pixel XL in the United States. T-Mobile has said that it’s going to cover the cost of the device for […]

2017 Google Pixel Phone Will Be A Premium Device
Google launched its Pixel smartphones late last year and the response for the first-generation “Made by Google” smartphones appears to have been very good. It goes without saying that Google won’t rest on its laurels and that we can expect the company to follow up on the Pixel and Pixel XL‘s successor. The company’s head of hardware Rick Osterloh and confirmed that the company is going to release a 2017 […]

Verizon Sending Out Free Daydream View VR Headsets
Google may have underestimated demand for its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. These are the first devices that the company has slapped its “Made by Google” label on and they have been well received by customers across the globe. Supply issues continue to persist for some models of the Pixel, particularly the Pixel XL, and it appears that in order to make up for the delay Verizon is now sending […]

Google Pixel Review
Google’s “Pixel” line of products is designed to be the highest-end, top of the line hardware from Google. It is very different from the Nexus line of products, which is designed to provide excellent “quality for the price”. In a Pixel product, pricing is not a concern, and with prices going from $649 (Pixel 32GB) to $869 (Pixel XL 128GB), Google’s new phones don’t come for cheap, but they do provide excellent features and […]

Google Pixel Audio Issue Is Hardware Related
Over the past few weeks, there have been many reports of Google Pixel handset users noticing static distortion at high volume. It wasn’t immediately clear what was causing this Google Pixel audio issue but there was no denying that this issue was present in more than a few units of Google’s new smartphone. The company now appears to have confirmed that the Google Pixel audio issue is hardware related.

Google Assistant Can Now Be Used To Take Screenshots
The measure of how useful a voice assistant platform is depends on the number of things it can do, or at least that’s one of the ways to measure its usefulness. This is why Amazon’s Alexa is quickly gaining steam thanks to it being constantly updated with new “skills”. That being said, it seems that Google Assistant has gained at least one new skill.

Google Fixes Pixel Camera Security Flaw
If you have been using the Google Pixel phones, you might not have been aware but there has been a recently discovered security and privacy flaw. Basically the front-facing camera on the phone has a serial number that is different for every device, which might seem harmless but it could actually “facilitate tracking”.

Google Pixel Phones Seemingly Hit With Early Shutoff Bug As Well
The other day we reported that the Nexus 6P smartphones appear to be affected by an early shutoff bug in which the phone would die at around 30% battery, and the only way to get it operational again would be to plug it into a charger. For the most part it seems to have only affected the Nexus 6P, but now some Google Pixel owners are reporting similar issues.

Some Pixel Phones Are Freezing Up At Random
Google’s Pixel smartphones are supposed to be the company’s latest and greatest smartphones. They are also expected to represent a new lineup of smartphones from the company that are no longer part of the Nexus family, but unfortunately it seems that the phones are presenting quite a bit of problems to its owners.

iFixit Ranks The LG G5 As The Most Repairable Phone Of 2016
There are all kinds of things we take into consideration when choosing a new smartphone. Specs are of course important, along with its operating system, and the accompanying ecosystem. However there are also other things to factor in, such as repairability because sometimes you don’t want to have to end up spending a fortune to get a phone fixed.

Sprint Reportedly Offering Up To $325 For Activating Pixel Phones
As it stands, Verizon is the only carrier to officially offer Google’s new Pixel phones. However carriers like T-Mobile are encouraging Pixel owners to activate their phones on their networks and a couple of months ago, the carrier announced that they would give up to $325 in credit to customers who do so.

Google Looking Into Pixel’s Double-Tap To Wake Issue
One of the new features that Google introduced to their Pixel handsets in Android 7.1.1 Nougat is the double-tap to wake function. This isn’t necessarily a new function, but it is new for Pixel phones. Basically in addition to lifting the handset to wake the phone, users can now just double tap on its screen to wake it up.

Google Pixel Audio Reportedly Distorts At Higher Volumes
While some of us like to keep our phones on silent, others might prefer to let audio through, and sometimes they even set it at max volume so that they can be sure to hear it when alerts or phone calls come through. However in the case of Google’s Pixel smartphones, setting it at max audio levels can be problematic.