Image credit – iFixit

Google’s new Pixel phones have been released and as is the case with all new phones, they are subject to a teardown by the good folks at iFixit. So the question is, how does the new Pixel phone fare in terms of repairability? Will this be a pain to repair? Or could it be done relatively easy without too much fuss?

As it turns out, it falls somewhere in the middle. The folks at iFixit have scored the Pixel XL smartphone a 6 out of 10 in terms of repairability. According to the website, they claim that the phone’s modular components are easily replaced once taken apart, and its battery also comes with a removal tab and a modest amount of adhesive that makes it easy to be removed.

However some of the negative aspects of the phone include a “poorly-supported” display assembly that will make it a bit tricky to open the device, meaning that there is a chance you could damage the component in the process. There are also notches that help to secure the phone in the midframe that iFixit thinks will make its removal laborious.

To give you guys a bit of context, when compared to the competition like the Galaxy S7 which scored a 3/10 or the Note 7 that scored a 4/10, the Pixel XL seems to be easier to repair. However it does fall behind the likes of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which scored a 7/10, but then again it is a difference of one point so that’s not too bad.

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