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Image credit – Model Press

We’re not sure if you guys have seen the clips or remember it, but back in 2016 Blizzard Korea launched an ad for World of Warcraft in which it was like a drama between a father and son, where the father had a secret that he kept from his son that he plays World of Warcraft. Now it looks like over in Japan, there’s going to be a live-action TV series that has a similar premise except that it has been inspired by Final Fantasy XIV.

Dubbed Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light, this is actually a TV drama that focuses on the relationship between a father and son who are both playing the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG. It is also inspired by a series of blog posts by a gamer in Japan who played the game with his 60-year old father. This is rather interesting as for the most part, parents seem to be telling their kids to stop play games, as opposed to actually joining them.

The TV series is expected to launch in April where it will incorporate in-game segments from the game. It has been noted that this is the first time Final Fantasy has inspired a live-action show. While the Final Fantasy franchise has inspired quite a few movies, this is the first time we’re seeing a live-action TV show about it. Whether or not it will prove to be entertaining remains to be seen, but chances are most of us will never know as it will probably not be airing outside of Japan.

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