It has been opined by various analysts in recent times that Apple’s next iPhone is expected to represent a super cycle, one that is expected to blow the iPhone 6’s sales out of the water. According to a recent report from CNBC, it seems that analyst Gene Munster is offering his opinion that Apple’s next iPhone will be a big “paradigm shift” thanks to the use of AR.

Now this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Apple potentially using AR in its iPhone. A report from yesterday suggested that Apple could include such features in the iPhone 8 where it could help with iPhone photography. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has also long championed the technology, in which he has stated that he believes it is the future.

According to Munster, he believes that AR in the next iPhone could help lay the foundation for the next computing paradigm. As to whether or not this will help boost sales, Munster doesn’t seem to think that it will have much impact in the short-term, but like we said, it’s meant to help lay the foundation for what could be integrated into future Apple products as well.

At the moment we have heard rumors that Apple is truly interested in AR technology and reportedly has a team of hundreds working on it.

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