Unlike computers where getting an upgrade in RAM, GPU, CPU, cooling, and storage is a piece of cake, upgrading one’s smartphone is pretty rare. This is because for the most part it is a delicate process that not many shops are willing to undertake, and also because not everyone has the tools or components available.

However it seems that over in China, one XDA forum member by the name of Cathair2906 managed to get his Nexus 5X upgraded in the RAM department for a mere $60. According the post, his phone was affected by the bootloop issue and because it was outside the warranty, LG Hong Kong had apparently rejected a request for maintenance.

This resulted in Cathair2906 bringing it to an unofficial repair center, at which he was told why not upgrade his phone’s RAM while he was at it? “Thereafter, i decided to send my 5x to China for CPU fixing, as the RAM is packed with the CPU together, the guy suggested me upgrading it to 3 or 4 GB RAM. That’s how the 4GB RAM 5X comes out.”

He then provided several screenshots that prove that his Nexus 5X is indeed running at 4GB of RAM without any issues. Of course we wouldn’t recommend you asking your repair center to do this for you, but $60 doesn’t seem too unreasonable, does it?

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