Just like AppleCare+ which offers added warranty for the iPhone, Google also offered its customers a similar protection called Nexus Protect for its Nexus devices, or if you purchase it through Project Fi, it’s called Device Protection. However it seems that if you own the Nexus 5X and you’re covered by the plan, here’s some bad news for you.

It seems that Google has run out of stock for the Nexus 5X, which means that if your device gets damaged, don’t expect to get it replaced. This is according to a post on Reddit (via Pocketnow) which echoes similar user experiences in the rest of the thread. Basically Google is out of Nexus 5X handsets, and in turn are offering customers compensation that doesn’t seem to be a fair trade.

According to the post, it quotes a customer support rep as telling the user, “We can offer you $100 Google Store Credit after your deductible (which is $69)– that you can use towards anything currently available on the Google Store, including new devices — OR a check from Assurant, mailed to you, in the amount of $59.”

Unsurprisingly many aren’t too happy with this as the amount customers paid for protection versus what they’re being given now does seem a bit disproportionate. Hopefully Google hears their customers and will offer something better.

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