It is clear that moving forwards Google is pretty much done with its Nexus brand of smartphones and is instead focusing on its Pixel lineup. Unfortunately that also means that in terms of support and updates, it looks like the Nexus lineup has pretty much come to an end, according to this Google support page.

According to the page listing, it mentions that in terms of updates, both the Nexus 5X and 6P will no longer be guaranteed security updates after November 2018. Both handsets were no longer guaranteed Android version updates since back in September 2017, so this news hardly comes as a surprise as it would indicate that both handsets have effectively reached their end of life.

The support page also mentions that neither handset will receive telephone or online support after November 2018 as well. Both the Nexus 5X and 6P were effectively the last devices in the Nexus family of smartphones. Earlier Nexus handsets have since reached their end of life since 2017 and earlier.

It is kind of a pity since we imagine that there are probably still some users out there holding onto either handset. However given that they were released 3 years ago, we suppose it could be time for an upgrade anyway.

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