Due to the growing number of devices in Google’s hardware portfolio, we guess it would be quite a monumental task if Google were to try and support every single one of them for years on end, which is why like with most manufacturers, Google usually offers a couple of years worth of support per device.

This is the case with the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, but the good news is that if you own either handset, the folks at Droid-Life are reporting that Google has decided to extend the support of security updates for both handsets until November 2018. Prior to this Google had stated that security updates for both phones would end in September 2018, but for whatever reason Google has decided to add on a couple of extra months.

However given that both phones are known to have some pretty serious problems such as being stuck in bootloops or early shutdowns due to battery issues, we’re not sure if an extra 2 months of security updates will be enough to appease customers, but we guess for those who are lucky enough to not encounter any issues with their phone, this is good news, especially if you plan on holding onto the device through 2018.

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