There are quite a few AI assistants for mobile available today. Most of them are made by companies who also make their own phones, and there are some third-party options as well. So in terms of popularity, which would you assume is the most popular? If you answered Siri, you would be correct.

In a recent study conducted by Verto Analytics (via AppleInsider), they have found that in the US, Siri is apparently leading the way in terms of popularity. The study found that Siri has 41.4 million users per month out of a total pool of users in the US of 71 million, meaning that more than half of AI assistants used a month are Siri.

However before Apple fans get too excited, it seems that Siri’s popularity is waning. The study claims that between May 2016 and May 2017, Siri lost 7.3 million monthly users, although they aren’t alone as Samsung’s S Voice has dropped quite a bit as well. However given that Samsung is now focusing on Bixby as its new AI assistant, we’re not sure if that’s an accurate representation for Samsung.

Verto also suggests that the rise of standalone products like Google Home and Amazon Echo could be the reason why the numbers are dropping. However Apple is poised to release the HomePod later this year, so we have to wonder what those numbers might look like then.

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