Every year for the past decade, Apple has hosted a music festival over in London. The event, which was initially called the iTunes Festival, was rebranded to the Apple Music Festival back in 2015, but unfortunately it seems that the festival will be no more. In a report from Music Business Worldwide, Apple has decided to put an end to it for good.

The Cupertino company confirmed their decision to the publication, essentially ending what was a decade-long running event which would be held once a year for about a month. It is unclear as to why Apple has decided to put an end to the event as the company did not offer an explanation, but Music Business Worldwide suggests that it could be due to Apple’s decision to better manage its resources.

For example Apple Music was a partner to shows by Haim and Skepta in London, as well as Arcade Fire in Brooklyn, and it has been suggested that maybe Apple could be more interested in these kind of one-off events as opposed to creating a running event like the Apple Music Festival, which we can only imagine could be more costly. In any case we guess if you’ve been a regular attendee then this is one event that you’ll be missing in the future.

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