Verizon Will No Longer Throttle Video Streaming

Earlier this year it was discovered that Verizon was throttling Netflix streams, although the company claimed that this was a test. Unfortunately it later proved to be true as Verizon later launched new unlimited data plans that throttled video streams, where users on the basic unlimited plans would have their videos capped at 480p quality on their phones.

However the good news is that  Verizon has decided to cancel their throttling plans. In a report from CNET, the carrier has announced that they will be bringing back full-quality video streaming for their plans. This is expected to come into effect on the 3rd of November, however it seems that there might be an additional charge of $10 if customers want to be able to stream in 4K.

It is unclear if this extra $10 is only to enable unlimited 4K streaming, or if you will have to pay $10 to unlock full-quality video streaming, although CNET’s report states that video will be delivered in its original resolution, so the quality will be dependent on whether or not your phone can support it, although we reckon in this day and age, most phones should have no problem streaming in at least 720p HD or better.

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