Google Releases Android 8.1 Oreo For Pixel & Nexus Devices

It has been a couple of months since Google released Android 8.0 Oreo for its Pixel and Nexus devices, but it looks like the company has another major Android update that they have recently released. This comes in the form of Android 8.1 which is still part of the Oreo build, but will come with various improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

One of those fixes is the audio issue that Pixel 2 owners were experiencing when recording video, so hopefully that problem is over and done with. In addition, Google has also announced that Android 8.1 will introduce the Neural Networks API with hardware accelerated machine learning runtime.

This is meant to help support machine learning in apps, so it will be interesting to see which developers will be taking advantage of it. According to Google, “The Neural Networks API provides accelerated computation and inference for on-device machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow Lite — Google’s cross-platform ML library for mobile — as well as Caffe2 and others.”

The update is expected to begin rolling out across to Nexus and Pixel devices over the  next week, so if you own a compatible Pixel or Nexus handset, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the update.

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